What are you passionate about?

Howard Shultz, the founder of Starbucks, once said his passion doesn’t lie in Coffee as much as he is passionate about “building a third place between work and home, a place where employees would be treated with respect and offered exceptional customer service”.

Coffee is the product, but Starbucks is all about its customer service.

Passion leads to mastery but we often confuse success with thinking and intellectual powers.

What are you passionate about? You need a story to connect with your audience and it needs your passion more than the product itself. You cannot inspire others unless you are inspired yourself.

Mastering this emotional quality is what separates inspirational leaders. They are genuinely inclined towards their passion and enthusiasm for the impact they want to make. And they are the ones customers want to conduct business with.

Popular TED speakers are passionate about a very specific thing, not a product, not a phenomenon. That’s why some of them connect with their audience so well. Thus, Passion is contagious. It might not involve simple day-to-day work but a very intricate quality or emotion that binds all the actions together.

Our levels of desire, passion, persistence and confidence end up playing much larger role in success than sheer reasoning.
- Robert Greene, Mastery

How do I make the customers happy? How do I offer exceptional quality to them? The question you ask will lead to a very different set of results. Just asking yourselves, “What's my product” isn’t as effective as asking “What impact am I really trying to make? What am I truly passionate about?”



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