Telling the right Story

Marketers tell stories. The right story will make sense to the right people. Stories delivered to an aligned audience earn trust and attention.

But, building a story cannot be done from a single viewpoint. Maybe you want them to see that, and you feel this will fill the void your audience was living with. What if that problem is not actually how you thought it to be.

Your customers might need something else in return to feel that satisfaction. You cannot expect everyone to believe the same thing you believe in and want the same thing you expect them to.

Building the right story needs complete immersion in the shoes of your audience. How do they perceive it? What will they actually feel about your product your service? How do they react? What is the trade-off they are making? What is it that they want to hear?

Iterate and tell them the story they need. Be the fulfillment of their void. Your aim is to be able to serve exactly what they need.

Care enough about those you serve and imagine it from their perspective. Finally, be generous to share it with them and help them take the action they’ll be proud of.



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