I am so proud of you

I am so proud of you
I am proud of you for the challenges you face everyday
I admire the sheer strength you endeavor to overcome your mediocrity

Fighting that melodrama
Wrestling the inner voices
That tells you to let go

Yet you hold it together
And at the end, you will flourish

Because, Darling, you are different!

This is the road to the other side
You will find fulfillment within you
That passion that has been hiding behind the covers

I know that is within you
And I want you to call that back
Be loud, be voracious
For it fires the sparkle within you

That kid within you
Still has the dream to be bold like a horse
The eyes for snowflakes
And the kindest heart this world has ever seen.

You might find yourself in a puddle of dilemma
Asking yourself Are you enough?

I want you to know
You inspire me
You inspire every soul that passes by you
Just dare to take up space
And you in your own way can illuminate the world.



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