I know you hate this word. The culture has made it so. But looking from a different perspective, it can be used to help you and get the hardest of the work done. Working on your task with no deadlines can sometimes go haywire.

There’s always a scope to add more. Be perfect and keep making it better and better. But what’s the use if it is not out there? The people have not seen it or heard about it.

The ultimate meal might be a ten course dinner. But when you’re hungry and in a hurry, a hot dog is perfect. — Ryan Singer,Shape Up

Setting a fixed appetite acts as a creative constraint on the design process and allows you to achieve just the right goal respecting the delicacy of the time.

While shaping your work, one can only judge what is the best strategy in the context of how much time we want to spend and how important it is.




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Shourya Sharma

Shourya Sharma

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