Cultural Notions

Our actions are hugely influenced by the culture around us. We make many preconceived notions just because we have been hearing that exact thing and never stopped to actually questioning it.

As a generation, everyone has a monoculture- a governing pattern of beliefs that we unconsciously accept as “truth”.

So much of what we go through inside our heads is the result of conducting a life we don’t inherently desire, only because we accepted it as “normal/ ideal”.

For example, we constantly analyze the present moment because we believe success is somewhere we arrive. So we are constantly taking a snapshot of life to see if we are happy yet? We are constantly measuring our present moments by how perfect they are, how good the story sounds, how others will judge the elevator speech. Hence, we have perceived that any given moment is representative of our whole life.

There is nowhere to “arrive”. The only thing you are rushing towards is death. Accomplishing goals is not success but how much you love the process is.

If you seek validation and take decisions through others’ expectations, you will always be caught in this spiral of fictitious notions. Live the life that YOU WANT. Seek the non-ordinary to be extraordinary.



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