Shourya Sharma

Be conscious of what you are consuming, whether it’s visual entertainment, reading a book, or having a snack.

Your diet is everything you watch, listen to, people you hang out with, and conversations you have.

Surround yourself with an environment that pushes you further. Reach out to people who you feel will help you take initiative and seek constructive feedback. Set clear boundaries and be kind to yourself.

Be mindful of what you put into your body, be it emotionally, spiritually, or physically.



Every morning, after we wake up our brain is fully recharged with stacks of mental units. They help us decide, do the deep work, finish tasks, etc.

Now, it’s up to you how effectively you use them. You see, each action you take is consuming your count.

Avoiding getting stuck in unnecessary tasks and ineffective decisions will leave you exhausted. Avoid decision-making when you are about to unleash your full potential.

Fix a time, decide what will you wear and where you will sit. Design what you need and how you can get yourself ready. This will give your brain a signal that it's time and will avoid getting stuck with small decisions.



You like something, be the first one to appreciate it!

Whenever you see someone doing something you wanted to do or you were procrastinating about it, but they did it — then be the first one to say I loved it!

Appreciate the small efforts of the people you care about. Be vocal about it.

Be okay with saying out loud how you feel about a situation. Being mindful and authentic with others will allow you to take up the space you deserve.



It’s very important to make an effort and find your true interests and beliefs.

Understand Yourself. What makes you the happiest? What sort of people do you like hanging out with? What is it that makes you feel you are not doing enough?

And more such questions to understand your true self.

Because when you are doing something which is aligned to your interests, beliefs, idiosyncrasies no one can stand as your competition. Or you would fail in 3 months or maybe 3 years, as you really wouldn't be happy being in those situations.

When your words, actions, and behaviors align with your interests you will become unstoppable!

Keep experimenting, iterating, and shipping. See what works and what doesn't. You wouldn’t know until you actually get down to it.

Be loud and proud of who you are!